3 Cruel Facts About Domain Name Registration

If you want to register domain name and prevent it from getting stolen, learn these facts about domain name registration so you can exploit them in your favor and keep your business going.

1. Don’t You Misspell

You can’t reverse domain registration — once you register your domain name, you can’t change it anymore… no matter what you do.Although most domain registrars do offer a 5-day refund policy, it’s a case-by-case basis. Usually you’re entitled a refund for misspelled domain name, provided you highlight to the company within 5 days upon your registration with them, but it’s not an entitlement to all scenarios as they need to guard against scam practice.Hence, you should always painstakingly ensure and verify the absolute accuracy of your domain name before you punch the ‘Check Out’ button. This will save you trouble and money.

2. Auto or Manual Renewal

I had a friend who have always been uncertain about whether his online business will work out or not. Unconfident, he sets the domain renewal to manual mode because he doesn’t want to end up paying more if he suddenly shuts down his website for some reasons.As such, he has to personally go inside his domain account to renew year after year.

One fine year, while he was so busy with renovating his new house, his domain was due for renewal. And he had not been checking his inbox for months (his domain registrar has actually sent him several renewal notices). So, when he returned to his site after the renovation has done up to 70%, he found his website has gone!

He’s no longer the domain holder. He wound up having to brainstorm for another domain name and perform domain pointing and lots of url redirects for his new domain name.In view of this, I suggest that you register your domain name for a year first and set it to auto if you’re not sure whether you’re going to use it year after year. Setting it to manual renewal can be risky unless you know very well that you’re giving up on this domain name soon.

3. Register NOW or Never

Once you’ve found the right domain name that hasn’t been taken up by anyone yet, grab it now!Statistics have shown that more than 5.61 million domain names are being registered worldwide each day (i.e. over 65 domain names registered per second) with no signs of slowing down, so if you don’t register now, it’ll get “stolen” faster than you blink your eyes.

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