5 Things to Avoid in Domain Name

Do you want to lose your visitors? Of course not. These 5 things may not seem as significant as the 7 traffic-pulling tips, but avoiding them can help you get all the visitors you want on your website, instead of giving them a chance to leap over to your competitors’ sites.

1. Avoid Numbers Unless

I love Michael Jordan and he wore number 23, so I register my domain name as DieHardWebHosting23.com. Oh, my lucky number is 77, so I go with DieHardWebHosting77.com.Not surprising some people do that. But how many online visitors can remember the numbers in your domain name at first or even after a few glances?

Don’t ever do that unless the numbers add significance to your domain name.

For example, if you call your product brand or company ‘G6000’, then logically you should register g6000.com and create awareness for your brand so that visitors know about ‘G6000′, make sense?

You can also use numbers in this way to promote your products such as ’56daysOnlineProfits’ or ’16successways’ etc.

As long as you got compelling reasons and it makes good sense, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with including numbers in your domain name. But don’t include numbers just because they sound or look cool, or they’re your lucky numbers, etc.It’s not cool and hardly brings you luck if people simply cannot remember what your cool or lucky numbers are. The end result? Zero traffic. Period.

2. Avoid ‘and’ in Your Domain Name

Is it barnes-and-noble.com or barnesandnoble.com or barnes&noble.com or barnes-&-noble.com?How confusing!I seldom visit that website, but when I do, I always have to figure out which one I should try first (I have very lousy memory). Even at the time of writing this tip, I have to go try out which is which before I can tell you which is which here. Then I discovered something… ‘&’ is an invalid character for inclusion in domain name. Now I know, but do all online users know?

They’ll probably follow what I’ve done. Pretty troublesome.Especially nowadays web surfers are getting more and more impatient (I’m one of them), and if they have to figure out “Is it this or that or the other one…?”, then when they got to the wrong or invalid site the first and second try, there could hardly be a third try unless they know your website contains something they need very very badly.Really, unless you have strong reasons to include an ‘and’ in your domain name, avoid.

3. Avoid Repetitive Character

Avoid having the Last Character of First Word the Same as First Character of Second Word. If you’re going to register a domain where the first word has a last character that is exactly the same as the first character of the second word, for example, ‘nature expert’, should you take up natureexpert.com (double ‘e’) or naturexpert.com (single ‘e’)?Hard to decide, right? Because there’s a tendency that people might spell naturexpert.com (single ‘e’), and you don’t want to lose this group of visitors who may likely become your customers.

So, either you register both domain names (you spend extra) or simply avoid such a name. If you insist on using for some good reasons, you can include a hyphen (as a divider) in between to minimize confusion, like this => nature-expert.com (looks better now).

FYI: Underscore is an invalid character in domain name.

4. US or UK English?

Avoid using words like ‘color’ or ‘favorite’ in your domain name that some people might type in ‘colour’ or ‘favourite’ to find your website.It can cause some headaches when it comes to including words like that in your domain. Look for alternative keywords to eliminate the likelihood of people from different regions with either US or UK based English background typing your domain name differently. For instance, instead of using ‘favorite’ or ‘favourite’, you can find some other keywords of similar meaning (i.e. synonyms) using a free thesaurus tool, then you mix and match to see which keywords fit the best and roll off the tongue.

If, however, you feel very strongly you have to use such word because it symbolizes what you’re doing or it’s a significant keyword, then you may have to register for both to prevent interception (and monetization) of your website by the scheming domain squatters.

5. Using “to” in Your Domain Name

If you register TipsToBuyCar.com, you should also register Tips2BuyCar.com. Why?

Since ‘to’ and ‘2’ rhyme, you may need to get both domain names registered because if you register only one of those such as tipstobuycar.com, the other domain, tips2buycar.com might get hi-jacked later by some domain squatters (aka cybersquatters) who “specialize” in profiting from such possibility.

You want to take the risk that people flock to your competitor’s website (Tips2BuyCar.com) instead of your TipsToBuyCar.com?

Again, unless it’s your brand name that you want to promote or other compelling reasons that your domain name has to contain ‘to’, shun.

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