What is Domain Name & How Does It Profit You?

What is domain name?

In offline world, the name for a company is called a company name, for example, XYZ Pte Ltd.In online world, the name for a website is called a domain name (aka web domain). For example, RealHostReviews.com is a domain name that forms a significant part of the entire URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

How a domain name looks like

Figure 1 — How a domain name looks like

Without the .com, .net, .info, or dot whatever extension, it can contain a minimum of 3 characters and up to 63 characters.In fact, most 1- or 2-character domain names have either been taken up or many registrars will simply declare as “invalid”. Anyway, I don’t think it’s necessary to go with these 1- or 2-character names unless you’re dealing in multi-million dollar business that you think a 1- or 2-character domain name best fits your business theme. There are people who are selling and if you do really need, you may have to pay quite a high price.

Domain Name Is Unqiue

By the way, a domain name is unique such that in the entire world, you’re the one and only who owns it. No second person can duplicate and take the name from you, unless you sell it to him / her.

For example, you own yingchoubia.com, others will not be able to register that same yingchoubia.com anymore, but they can register yingchoubia.net or yingchoubia.info or with other extensions. You can do a catchall for all extensions if you want to dominate the name (like Google or Yahoo), but you’ll have to pay more.

Domain and Web Hosting

There are basically 2 types of web hosting services available, one allows free hosting, the other takes in paid users only. If you smartly pick the latter as your web host, then you won’t face the problem of having an ugly URL since they’ll “force” you to register a domain name during your signup with their web hosting plan. They do this in your best interests to help keep your website professional and credible right up front.

If however, you were to ignorantly sign up for a free web hosting service, your website URL would appear something like this:


Imagine if you were to tell people, “Hey, visit my website at http://www.freewebhostingcompany.com/~your_user_name”, what will happen?

Firstly, they’ll think that you don’t own the business as it looks more like a third party running it. Secondly, they’ll think you’re not serious about your Internet business and you could be just a fly-by-night operation that appears today and vanishes tomorrow.

These 2 thoughts are enough to make you lose 97% of your credibility on the web. You lose your credibility, you lose your business. Period.Also, who would remember that ugly, long URL? At best, people will remember freewebhostingcompany.com but never your username attached to it.

Hence, if you want to establish your credibility and in turn make good money on the web, you MUST get a decent domain name to supersede that very unsightly and unprofessional URL.

Now your URL looks more pro and neater, and easier to remember.By having a domain name of your own and replace that awful-looking URL, you get to:Gain credibility since it projects a professional image about your Internet business. When people feel secure with you and know you’re a serious business person, they are more likely to do business with you.

Make people remember your website more easily since your domain name has dramatically become shorter. The positive effect of this is that the number of visitors (ie. traffic) to your website WILL improve, and thus more money will roll into your pocket.Promote your own website instead of promoting your web hosting provider’s website for free since people won’t see freewebhostingcompany.com in your URL anymore. The URL is all yours now.

Feel the strong sense of ownership over your website, thus boosting your faith in owning the website.With all these benefits, you can imagine how important it is to have your own domain name as your personal business brand on the web.

So, are you ready to own a professional domain name now and kick that ugly URL to outer space?

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