Recommended Web Hosting for Small Business

Attention: If you’re not building something like Google, Facebook or Amazon kind of giant online businesses, then this solidly good and reliable web hosting company I’m recommending will definitely meet your small business needs and help your small business grow money like grass.By Soon ChaiI don’t easily recommend any web hosting company to any small businesses because I know very well that finding a web host for your small business is like choosing your better-half. Done right, you two will live happily ever after making as much money for as long as you desire. Done wrong, you die an ugly death.Imagine this: You put up a persuasive sales letter that’s ready to inspire, motivate and “seduce” whoever hop on your web site to flip out their wallets. And just when they feel good with you and convinced that your products are the best in the world and they’re ready to give you the business and check out to buy your products… your potential buyers suddenly encounter this…

This error message appears when your web hosting server crashes

Figure 1 — This error message appears when your web hosting server crashes

How frustrating! A message so cold that pisses them off and immediately puts off their burning desire to buy! It will freak you out and piss you even more once you realize it only hours or even days later!Worse is, if that happens frequently, you’re going to have lots of potential customers leaving your web site… lots of sales slipping through your fingers… lots of Adsense ads not getting clicked… AND lots of money flying away from you.

Seriously, can you imagine that?That’s why you need a good web hosting company that provides excellent uptime and professional service to help you run a successful small business online. And even if you’re just getting started, you should get off on the right foot and pick the best recommended web hosting company for your small business right out of the gate.You don’t want to go back to square one and waste weeks desperately seeking high and low for another better web host all over again and spending extra hours transferring web sites like I used to, do you?In 2008, a friend recommended HostGator’s web hosting service to me and I’ve been using it until now. I’ve tested its service against the toughest criteria (particularly its customer support service) and it has passed with flying colors. Best part is, it consistently helps my small business to churn out more profits every month (I got about 10 web sites hosted with it) than the few web hosting companies I previously used.

Why, by simply changing to or using a good web host can make running your small business online more profitable? Let me explain…

Best Recommended Control Panel in Web Hosting Industry

Knowing that a good web hosting control panel can make building small business online with ease, HostGator pulls no punches in getting the best web hosting control panel (cPanel) in the world for you, at all costs, yet you don’t pay a penny more.Clear-cut, user-friendly, easy to use… managing your files, configuring security, checking stats, monitoring web site traffic, transferring domains, editing files with WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor and many more features and functions could not be any easier now.

Take a closer look at some insider screen shots below:

Figure 2 — You can even re-arrange the order of categories to your liking in the main control panel

The left side of the main control panel above shows you the disk storage (web space), hosting bandwidth, type of server you’re using, number of domains and sub-domains you’re currently hosting with, your email accounts, web hosting package, operating system and many others to let you grab the stats at an instant. While the right side shows you all the powerful features and functions well categorized to allow for easy access (due to space constraint with my screen-capturing software, I can only display part of it).

This alone separates HostGator from many other top web hosting companies. Next, let’s step down one level to zoom in on its File Manager.

Figure 3 — Quick response one-click functions make managing files and hosting web sites for your small business fast and easy

Look at those one-click functions. What’s so great about them? You don’t get to enjoy these small yet efficient widgets in other web hosting control panels, I don’t know why. But if you use cPanel, you can simply click on any of them and quickly access your most commonly used functions and applications, which can greatly improve your web site hosting experience.

Couldn’t be happier with Host GatorI have been with Host Gator for just over 6 months. In that time I have not had one single issue or down time. The control panel is so superior over the garbage that AIT provided, I just had no idea what I was missing.Not only do my web sites run flawlessly, but I’ve been able to set up two extensive, professional store fronts and generate sales at no additional cost. The Mcart that AIT offered was an embarassment.I am extremely pleased with Host Gator and their tech staff and would recommend them to anyone, without hesitation.Everet D. RegalPhoenix, NY USAwww.eregalstudio.comHost Gator does it for me!

My Host of choice is HostGator. They have the best (read cheapest) starter packages and in my opinion the best services and choices. You’ve gotta love Fantastico Deluxe on the Cpanel. It makes it so easy that even if you make a mistake configuring your blog or whatever, you can always just start over. Very easy to become a veteran webmaster with those kind of tools.

John MelansonBrewster, Massachusetts, you got the best recommended web hosting control panel at your fingertips to help you build your small business efficiently, how about a dedicated support team to wait on you at your beck and call in case you need help?

24/7/365 Instant Customer Support

You can “scream” for help anytime, even during weekends or public holidays or at 2 A.M. in the morning, because HostGator is one of the few top web hosting companies that truly delivers 24/7 round-the-clock customer support service (including email, live chat, and phone) throughout the year.In short, regardless of which part of the world you live and what time zone you’re in, they’re always there for you whenever you need help.

Also, if you prefer to “chat online” because you’re shy to speak over the phone, afraid that they may not understand you due to your specific regional accent or having sore throat and not able to communicate your web hosting issues clearly over the phone, their live chat support will be the best tool for you to get your problems across and resolved.

To top it off, they have grown to having 500+ in-house customer support staffs (and they’re still expanding their support team) to cater to the demand of growing customer base, which explains their quick response to enquirers.On one occasion, I emailed them about a simple web hosting issue but it took about 4 to-and-fro interactions (within a day — that’s a fast response!) before it was resolved. We could have fixed it in just one correspondence. My fault for not being specific in my first message.

So, if you want to get your web site hosting issues resolved quickly, take a few more minutes to provide more details about the problems so you’ll get it done once and for all. Or even better, call them directly instead of using email or live chat as you’ll receive immediate attention and get your web site problems fixed even faster.

You can also access their peer support forum which they specially create for all small business web site owners to share their web hosting experiences, interact with and help one another. Again, it opens 24/7 around the clockwork. You’ll love going there (like me) as you’ll get lots of very useful feedback and tips for web site hosting, and some nifty web site building tricks from other friendly and knowledgeable users besides the staffs.

By the way, Brent Oxley (founder of HostGator) rewards his staffs based on their performances rated by customers like us. A brilliant way to stimulate top quality customer support service, which explains why more and more small business web site owners (including me) immigrate to HostGator for its exceptionally good and reliable web hosting services.

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