How to Save on Web Hosting with HostGator?

I always encourage people to go for monthly plan with any web hosting provider (even reliable companies like HostGator and few others) so they can save on web hosting before they feel the trust to upgrade to yearly plan (applicable to shared hosting only).

But to take advantage of the 25% discount (via coupon code: 1cent) off ANY HostGator’s shared hosting plan, you may want to take up the yearly hosting plan instead. You save more on bill with longer plan. (Note: Reseller, vps and dedicated hosting plans offer only monthly plan.)

Not to worry though, unlike all other hosting companies which offer only 30-day money back guarantee, HostGator gives you 45 days to test-drive its system. If you’re not thrilled with the user-friendliness of its control panel or you don’t think its customer support team serves you from head to toe, just take back every single penny you’ve paid for. In fact, I find it better off this way since you get to test-drive the system longer (45 days) and you save more money when you keep to the plan. Let me explain further.
As coupon code 1CENT effects only on the first invoice (initial order), you’ll only get discount for the first month if you choose monthly plan. For example, with a $9.95/month shared hosting plan:

How To Save On Web Hosting With HostGator?

1st month: $7.47 (25% OFF | $2.48)2nd to 12th month: $9.95 x 11 months = $109.45Total bill for 1 year: $109.45 + $7.47 = $116.92But when you sign up straight for a 1-year plan (at $9.95/month), you get 25% off the entire first year.

Total bill for 1 year: $119.40 – $29.85 (25%) = $89.55 ONLY! Of course you can save on web hosting even more with 2- or 3-year plan as the monthly cost decreases with longer period. But in my opinion, I think 1-year is adequate enough for first-timer.

Tell you what, after your first year and you want to continue with HostGator, 2 weeks before the next payment due, send an email to to request for some discount off the next contract period (see how much they’re willing to offer). I did that and I got that. I personally feel that they’ll most likely accede to your request since you are their valuable customer. But no guarantee because they may change their “unsaid” policy from time to time. That’s why I went with a 2-year plan on my second bill cycle to take more advantage.

Well, enough of that and now let me show you how to apply coupon code: 1CENT to overwrite their existing price plan to help you save web hosting fee:

Step 1:

Go to HostGator Shared Hosting 20% Off (there’s a 20% discount right now, but we’ll raise it to 25% later… just follow the steps for now)Select the hosting plan that best fits your needs (compare among the plans carefully). I suggest that you go with at least the Baby Plan because it allows for multiple domain hosting which allows for business growth later on.

Step 2:

Once you know which plan to go with, drag down the price menu to pick the 1-year plan (see below).

Step 3:

Enter the domain name you would like to associate with this web hosting plan. If you don’t have a domain name yet and need to register for one, I recommend that you go get it for less than $8 per year only. Any web hosting provider (including HostGator) will charge anywhere from $15 to $35 per year for domain registration.

Pointing your domain name from another company to HostGator is easy. Just go read my tips on pointing domain name to third party web space. My bottom line is to help you save as much money as possible. But if you want to host the domain name together with your web hosting for simplicity, go ahead and register with HostGator. It costs you $15/year per domain. Please note the coupon discount does NOT apply to domain registration.

On this same page, did you see the Coupon Code field (see above)? It’s shown as SPRING which has already been tagged inside the plan. It’s a 20% discount coupon code. Now change this to 1CENT (just copy and paste from here) and you’ll alter the price plan to a 25% discount off your web hosting plan.

Click on [CONTINUE TO STEP 2] button to move to next step and check out your order. Make sure to read EVERY single word of the terms and conditions of use so that you know what you’re doing with your hosting and avoid the unnecessary conflict with the company.

WARNING: The 20% or 25% coupon code might expire tonight or tomorrow. You miss it now, you’ll regret forever and will not be able to save on web hosting. Don’t be like me. When I first saw the discount, I didn’t take up because I need to consider and I thought it’ll be there forever. Few days later I decided to give it a shot, but the code became invalid and the offer was gone.

I’m not saying you can’t consider, but don’t take too long as you don’t know when they’ll remove this unspoken discount. So, I’d strongly urge you to go take a quick tour right now (at least) and play with some of their tools and features on demo to see if you like their stuff or not. If you like, then grab it. You just can’t lose with their iron-clad risk-free 45 days money back guarantee.

Hope you enjoy the saver tips here. Wishing you a prosperous online business.

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