Website Building Tools

Domain Registration

Go Daddy Domain Registrar

While most other domain registrars create one account for each domain you registered with them that makes it difficult for you to manage all your domain names at one go, Go Daddy allows you to manage all your domain names under one single account. You want fast and easy domain management, Go Daddy is your answer. Its competitively low price can make your jaw drop too.

Web Hosting

Host Gator Web Hosting

Fast page loading (3 seconds or less), 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 instant customer support (email, live chat plus phone), 45 days money back guarantee, and most importantly, affordable. You won’t find any other better offer than this. Learn how you can reap its full benefits »Web Design Software / ToolsVisual Site Designer — If you want to build or change the entire look of your website with different designs at the click of your mouse, Visual Site Designer gives you that power and flexibility. It’s very user-friendly and makes setting up fancy, fantastic sites as easy as turning on your computer. Plus, it contains many useful programming languages plugged right into it to allow you to perform advanced interactive features with it.

The NEW Advanced HTML Editor for Veteran Code Designer — You prefer hard coding just so you can gain more control over your design layout? Not a problem, this editor allows you to do wonders with your savvy HTML / CSS knowledge.Web Design Dashboard — Invented specifically for anyone without computer skills but yet wanted to jazz up a nice-looking moneymaking site quickly and easily. How quick and easy? If you know how to point and click, you’ll know how to create a profit-pulling website in just 2 hours or less, from scratch. An extremely simple, user-friendly, step-by-step web designing system that even a 58 years old grandma (with no computer skills) can do. It’ll make people swear you’re a custom web designer.

Content Builders (Copywriting/Article Writing)

Hiring Pro Writers

Hiring pros to write your site’s content on your behalf could not be any faster and easier nowadays. Most importantly, you need not cough up thousands of dollars. No way! Especially when you have little or no interest in doing it yourself, or you want to quickly get your information up on your site and start raking in profits in as little as 3 days, outsourcing the chore to pros is your best ever solution. Quality and speed are not an option to them. Just throw in at least $50 and they’ll fight hard over it by offering unmatched quality content that’ll blow you away and generate 5 times as much sales revenue for you in return.

Push Button Sales Letters

Do you know how to write a sales letter that truly converts your prospects to buyers? Crafting an effective sales-pulling letter to sell your product or service can take hours, or even days, even if you’re a pro. But not anymore. Now you just need to fill in the blanks. Click the button. Out pops your sales letter for your product or service — a fast and easy process that probably takes you 0.5 hr or less. Best of all, it’s a top sales pro in print.

Turn Speech Into Words

Would you like to create articles, sales letters, emails, ebooks and any other information 3 times faster than you were typing them out? Take this phenomenal software and start transforming every single word out of your mouth into printed words, without ever lifting a finger. Now you got more time to accomplish more moneymaking tasks. Maybe you think you can speak better than writing, then all the more you should use this software to turn your speech into written words. It’s fast, easy to use, and amazingly accurate!

Turn Words Into Traffic

Want people to read your article from start to finish? This comprehensive guide will show you how to flip out a finger-lickin’-good article that no one can resist. If you can glue your readers to your content from the first word to the last, you can make more sales. Imagine putting up articles of such hypnotic power on your site, there you have it, a dramatic increase in your income!

List Builders / Email Marketing Tools

Aweber Email Marketing Expert System

The number 1 list builder / autoresponder system that takes the marketing world by storm. You want more people to hand over their contact info to you (without begging) just so you can continue to sell and promote your products / services to them frontend and backend, and create more sales, this is it! You also get a team of email marketing experts standing by to help you improve your email marketing skills; get even more subscribers and generate even more sales. No wonder Aweber is so highly used and trusted by many online marketing experts and gurus.

GetResponse Email Marketing Service

Functioning exactly the same as Aweber, Get Response costs slightly cheaper. I use both, but I found Aweber better in their overall performance such as better email deliverability, stronger email marketing knowledge, and more advanced tools to help you understand your subscribers’ behavior better in order to make more money.

Traffic Generators

Article Leverage

Improve your article submission by leveraging your articles so one article from you can appear unique in hundreds of article directories and websites. Manually doing so can take up tons of hours. An easier and quicker way is to use Submit Your Article’s Article Leverage system — A brand new technology that will help you produce hundreds of unique articles in 30 minutes or less, thereby blowing up your exposure rate on search engines, and start sending stampede of free search engine traffic to your website.

Turn Words Into Traffic

How to turn your articles into a nonstop generator that keeps sending free targeted traffic to your website even while you’re sleeping like a log? The key is to pique your readers’ interest by arousing their curiosity, so that they’ll gobble up every word of your article, and finally get interested enough to visit your website, flip out their wallets and buy from you. That’s how article marketing works. You’ll also learn where and how to best syndicate your articles to inflate its web exposure just so you can get more targeted traffic on your site, for free. Did you know that you can actually recycle “useless” content and turn them into a useful traffic generator again? You’ll learn that unspoken technique too. And many more.

Keyword Elite

No online marketers can live without doing keyword research and analysis. Search engine users sniff out keywords to find information. If your site does not carry relevant keywords that people need, you’re at a losing edge. Lots of keyword tools claim to help you generate keywords to work with, but either they don’t show enough data to help you understand the behavior of search engine users, or they simply fall behind technology and provide you with outdated data. If you want the latest data to work with, and you want to optimize your website for certain high paying keywords that bring in the most profits for you, then you can’t afford to make mistake in your keyword research and analysis. Do it right the very first time, and reap the rewards forever.

Bookmarking Demon

Social networking has become a hit since the past few years. Millions of people join to socialize on Internet, can your site lose sight of their existence? No. Get into their good books by bookmarking your site on all major social networks and you’ll see a positive spinning effect on your web traffic counter. But manually doing so can hurt your fingers and waste too much hours. Automate your bookmarking activities so that you can see a quick surge of traffic gushing to your site in no time, without breaking a sweat!

7-Day Ebook

Why an ebook can help you generate website traffic? As an author of a book or ebook, you have already assumed an expert in the eyes of the world. People love to work with experts. If your ebook is of great value and quality to your readers, they’ll rave about your material to anyone they know, resulting in a viral effect. That’s why creating an ebook is one very effective traffic building technique that you should not overlook. But it’ll probably take you weeks or even months to spit out one for viral marketing. That’s where this masterpiece comes into play. It’ll show you how to produce your own ebook in as little as 7 days.

The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

Two major concerns in paid advertising like pay-per-click (ppc): one is to save on advertising, the other is to get more dollars back. If you budge your head into Google Adwords without a complete understanding of how it all works and how it rewards you based on performance, you’re going to lose big money, big-time. Heard around that many Adwords users got burned a super big hole in their pockets? That’s the end result of poor understanding of the entire ppc gaming system. As I knew this all along, I was extremely careful in playing this game. I invested in this Adwords guide before I started my first actual ppc campaign. In every one advertising dollar, I got back a maximum of 3 dollars back. That’s a 300% return on investment! As my skills improve, I know I’ll get higher return profits. You can, if you do what I do. Don’t dive into any ppc advertising yet until you get this super guide that’ll show you how to explode your ROI, literally! (Lots of time-tested living examples that you can copy and gain instant ppc success in the ebook.)

Traffic StatsGoogle Analytics

How many unique and repeated visitors come to your site… where they come from… what computer system they use… how they find your site… how long they stay on your site… why they leave your site… etc. Google Analytics give you almost all you need to learn about the behavior of your visitors in order to tweak your business to achieve highest sales revenue. Did you know that it’s a free tool? Some paid traffic analyzers don’t even go to such details.

eCommerce Solutions

Clickbank Merchant Account

Looking for a place to process your customers’ payments and promote your digital products like ebooks or videos? As the world’s largest online digital store, Clickbank offers you an unbeatable rate of hosting your downloadable digital products with them. You can create your own affiliate program on the fly, without any coding experience and knowledge. Because Clickbank does not serve shopping cart in its system, it’s able to process the transaction fast. Customers love that. It’s particularly suitable for those who are selling only one or few products that do not require a shopping cart in place. Another advantage worth mentioning is, Clickbank is well known for its fraud protection system. If you use it to process online payment, you’re no doubt taking your credibility level to a few notches up because many customers and buyers won’t hesitate to hand their money over to you, for they know they’re well protected against fraudulent transactions. If you’re an honest merchant and operates an honest business, Clickbank will help you gain more credibility on the Internet, and literally get more sales for you.

Product Creators


You have some great ideas in mind that you want to build a software for it and sell it? Get someone to do for you if you don’t know how to hard code, or you simply want to save time. Lots of software peddling on the web are mostly created not by the owners themselves but by the coders they hire. Tell the professional coder what you want, and once the software is out, you simply print your name on it and that’s it. You have the absolute license and rights to sell the software, while the “phantom” coder does not. They’re supposed to stay behind the scene, and they forever will.

7-Day Ebook

If you want to create your own product and start selling for profits, or you want to give your knowledge away as a free gift to raise people’s perception about your expert status, then an ebook is the best asset you can ever invest in. But creating ebooks can take you weeks, if not months if you don’t know the trick. As its name suggests, learn how to create your own ebook in as little as 7 days.

Internet Marketing Guides/Programs

Super Affiliate Handbook

How to make $500,000 by simply promoting other people’s products online? Authored by Rosalind Gardner, the lady super affiliate openly reveals to you her secret of earning affiliate commission, without hold-back. All you need to do is just follow her lead and copy her success verbatim. And you’re on your way to earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, in affiliate marketing. One of the best practical affiliate marketing guides in history!

Other Essential Tools

Professional Web Form Builder

Don’t simply put up a contact email for your online visitors to contact you. That’s very unprofessional. Moreover, your email address can easily get detected and collected by spammers. Emit your professional presence and avoid having your inbox jammed with spam messages by putting up a web form. As easy as flipping burger in McDonald’s, you can generate a web form in 3 minutes or less. Here’s a ‘live’ example (this is just a simple form, you can produce a more fanciful and sophisticated form if you want, with the software).

Direct FTP

Uploading your web pages via your web hosting account can take up to hours, especially for very large website. Fret not. Download this FTP software and you can transfer your entire site from your local computer to your remote server, in less time than it takes to grab a burger at McDonald’s. Small site will experience super fast instant transfer. Most importantly, you’ll experience zero website downtime with this FTP client software.

Unbreakable Password Locker

One common username and password for accessing all your online accounts is easy, but risky because hackers can easily crack your code and wreak havoc inside your accounts. The wisest option is to set each account with different pairs of username and password. But you can’t remember them all, so some people input the data into a spreadsheet. But it can be stolen and still, your online accounts are unsafe. How about keeping all your usernames and passwords securely in a virtual locker? You only need to remember one pair of username and password to this locker and you can access to hundreds of different usernames and passwords for all your accounts, without memorizing. No one else can access the locker except you!

Digital Download Guard

If you want to prevent shameless thieves from skipping your credit card processing system and go right into your product page and download your product, without paying you a cent… if you want to protect your product download page in case some jerks expose your download or thankyou page on forum or other public sites for other people to download for free… if you want to automatically add your customers’ info into your mailing list so you can contact them to make more recurring sales… if you want to build a secured money-making business and don’t want to lose a single sale… get this software now!

All tools look good to you, but which one rings the most true to your business needs… right now? Contact us for a free consultation.

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