Why You Need Web Hosting?

Or more to the point, why you need to get a web host? If you want to build a website and operate it 24/7, you need a proper web host. You might have already hosted your site on your own computer (with server software installed), but is it up to the mark of keeping your site up and running without technical glitches?

Hosting your site on your own server could be a hack job as you need to handle and deal with all kinds of technical settings and security issues. Unless you really love DIY hosting, you could have wasted too much time in building a profitable business. Or maybe you have already had your site hosted on a free hosting platform, but will that make your site easy to get spotted online? The answer is NO.

Of course, if your sole purpose is simply to share with a small group of your close friends and family, then a free hosting is fine since you pay nothing for the service. But if you’re going to make money online, imagine broadcasting your site online like this, “Visit my website at www.freehost.com/~my-unique-username”, come on, no one will ever go to your website. NO ONE, I’m serious.The reason is very simple. You show no professionalism. Period.

You want people to take your business seriously, you gotta show them your professional presence. Getting your site hosted with a free web host only makes you look like a goondoo sammi. No one will respect your business because they don’t see it as a business.Go get a good domain name and connect it to a proper and reliable web host just so you can broadcast your site with full-blast confidence, “Visit my website at www.MySite.com”. That sure sounds better! In a Nutshell…If you’re hosting your site on your own computer, my suggestion to you is, outsource.

That way you can free up plenty of time and spend on moving your business forward to increase your bottom line instead of throwing in hours every day to clear up some messy technical issues your computer is giving you. It only takes less than $0.27 a day to get a team of pros to look after your web hosting reliably, less than a candy bar you’re paying.If you’re hosting for free now, put your website on the professional track (if you want your site to make money) by getting a reliable web host. Don’t go and upgrade your web hosting with the free host you’re using. Why?

Think about this: If you can host your site for free with the free web host, thousands of others will do likewise, what does that tell you?The free web host is getting its resources heavily shared among its free users. Do you think as a paid user you’ll get a quality share of the resources and you’ll be hosted on a separate server? The truth is, not really. You would still be sharing with those free users probably on the same server. The only difference is you’re getting an upgraded features. That’s all.

For example, in your free hosting, you’re allocated 100MB of web space. Upon upgrading, your web space could shoot up to 10GB, maybe (depending on who you go with). Before upgrade, you’re only allowed to upload 10 files to the server. After upgrade, you can upload unlimited number of files at one go. That’s what I meant by upgraded features. But those can’t help you much, simply because you’re going to share all the resources with thousand other free users.

The problem with such sharing is, it only takes one or two free users to abuse the server resources and you’re done for.I for once have had my site hosted with such free host and then upgraded later. But after a year, I quit. Because of the sharing, my website was loading slow. My site could “disappear” at times for no good reasons. And every now and then I have to contact them about other problems.

Another problem with them is, their customer service sucked. So much so for a paid hosting. Web hosting companies with free web hosting gimmick generally do not equip with powerful servers. They are only worth for you to host your site if you do not intend to spend a red cent on web hosting. But when it comes to doing serious online business that will send you fat checks every month, you’d better look for one out there that does not offer free hosting, at the same time guarantee high-end performance so that you can be sure your server resources are well utilized and closely monitored, without any misuse or abuse from those wakka wakka free users.

Tip: If you want to look for a web hosting provider yourself, then you MUST learn about these 3 crucial factors that will help you spot a web host that truly brings in the most profits for you.

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